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Introducing our

Free Spoon Replacement Program


Is it too late to 
say we’re sorry?

We know what our dense, rich, and creamy ice cream has done to your poor little spoons, so we’ve come

up with the solution!

Act soon! Quantities are limited.

The Problem?

Our Ice Cream Bends Spoons.

Spoons hate us and shiver at the idea of scooping Snoqualmie Ice Cream. We try not to take this personally.

But since we use a lot more cream and a lot less air in our ice cream, we created a national problem of bent spoons and sore wrists. This is very concerning for us as we've been flooded by complaints.

If you insist on scooping Snoqualmie Ice Cream with a spoon, please wait until the ice cream softens (usually about 5 minutes) for the health of your wrist and spoons!

But what if you just can't wait that long to take a delicious bite of our

dense, rich, and creamy ice cream?


The Solution? One Tough Scooper!

Our initial test runs kept failing. “Air is the cheapest ingredient in ice cream!”, yelled Barry, “I won't add more air to our ice cream! I don't care how many spoons we bend or damage.”

Heartless! We don't know what Barry has against spoons.

But after some sleepless nights and endless meetings, it struck us that we didn’t need to change the quality of our ice cream and compromise the taste and texture at all. We would simply offer a tough handheld ice cream scooper built to never bend under cold, creamy pressure. Voila!


FREE for the first 1000 customers that send in a picture of their bent spoon.

Retail price is $19.99. Act now. Supplies are limited. One scooper per household.

Barry Will Never Compromise Quality

Snoqualmie Ice Cream never takes the easy way out. From sustainability to quality to buying locally in the Pacific Northwest and everything in-between, we never cut corners because Barry says making cheap ice cream is no fun.

Our Story

It all started 20 years ago when Barry Bettinger and his wife Shahnaz took the plunge and purchased an ice cream plant in Maltby, WA. From the very beginning, they were determined to craft the most amazing organic ice cream, with an endless commitment to sustainability and making sure each batch produced had the perfect flavor and consistency while only including the highest quality local ingredients. 

Their mission to craft the perfect ice cream has turned into a labor of love and today their passion-infused ice cream is beloved by people all over the U.S.


Copyright 2020 Snoqualmie Ice Cream.

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