Quality & Safety

We have always believed in making the highest quality ice cream with the finest ingredients and promise to make it as safe as possible.

We have extremely strict food safety standards in place, which are a part of our ever-evolving HACCP program and GMP procedures.

We require a copy and review our suppliers’ HACCP programs to ensure it is aligned with our standards. Every ingredient that we use must come with a certificate of analysis for bacteria before it enters our facility.

Our factory employees must go through extensive food safety training, which includes GMP certification through Cornell University, weekly meetings and ongoing retraining to ensure compliance with all HACCP revisions and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Our production team actively participates in food safety webinars and off-site seminars, because we strongly encourage education and are committed to fostering the development of our employees.

We regularly conduct internal food safety audits, which include an aggressive environmental sampling program. Our program consists of weekly swabbing of zones 1-4, biannual swabbing of the entire facility (zones 1-4) and regular swabbing of supplier trucks and ingredient totes. In addition to our in-house programs, we choose to voluntarily go through an annual third party audit to ensure our food safety systems are among the best in the industry.

In 2014, we issued a voluntary recall because preliminary environmental testing could not rule out Listeria Monocytogenes in our factory. With this information, we made the tough decision to recall all our products shipped in 2014. We felt this was the best plan to protect our consumers and prevent future contamination.

We chose to close our production facility for one month for comprehensive cleaning, sanitization and testing. We hired IEH Laboratories, who specializes in molecular epidemiology, to lead the factory reset and help determine the root cause as well as implementing a new food safety program. Since the root cause for Listeria Monocytogenes was from our dairy supplier totes, the WSDA required that we find a new supplier before we continue production. Once we were able to secure a new supplier, we were ready to start up again.

Following the recall, we conducted a comprehensive review of our production systems, reset our entire facility and implemented several updates, which included:

• New epoxy floors
• Central sanitizing system
• Comprehensive employee retraining
• Revised HACCP, GMP and SSOP programs
• Employee retraining
• Require and review supplier HACCP programs
• Mandatory certificates of analysis for all ingredients received
• Production zones with designated uniforms, boots, strip curtains
• Regular 3rd party environmental testing for bacteria (developed by IEH)
• Hold-Test-Release program to test all products for bacteria before shipping

We want to personally thank our family of customers and consumers for their understanding, patience and kindness during our recall. The outpouring of support energized our team and confirmed we have best family of patrons in the Northwest.

Thank you for your support,

Barry Bettinger, CEO Snoqualmie Ice Cream