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iOS 15: hidden features you need to know

Another year, upgrated pdf file scanner, another new version of iOS. And when it arrives later today, some amazing new features will completely change the way you use your iPhone. But like all new iOS versions, iOS 15 comes with some small changes — little hidden features and changes that you might not even notice if you don't know where to look.

Translate anywhere

iOS 15 lets you translate text almost anywhere. You can select text in almost any application! Display a text dialog by clicking and holding a text block and dragging a start and end point, e.g. B. Copy the sticker. You'll see a new translation option in a small pop-up menu (some apps require you to click the right arrow to see more options).

You will receive a message that the text has been sent to Apple for translation. Click Next and a popup will display the translated text and give you options to copy the translation, change the language and more.

Want to translate without sending data to Apple? Go to Settings, enable Device Mode and enable it again. You should also go to the Downloaded Languages ​​menu and download the languages ​​in which you want to enable offline translation.

Be aware of what apps are doing

Apple is constantly expanding privacy features, and with iOS 15 you have a powerful new tool to find out which apps are using your phone's features and data. Open Settings, then click Privacy and scroll down to the app performance report. You have to activate it at the top of the screen.

It keeps a 7-day summary of when and how often all your apps use microphones or microphones, or which domains they visit. Come back to this screen in a week for the full report. If you want, you can even click the "Activity List" option to export a JSON file with all the information.

Get real-time rain alerts

The Weather app and widget have been greatly improved in iOS 15, but we're really looking forward to rain alerts next time.

This was one of the main features of Dark Sky, an app and service purchased by Apple in 2020.

To enable this, open the Weather app and tap the location icon in the lower right corner. Then click the More button (three dots) in the upper right corner and select Notifications. You can change notifications for your current location and each saved location separately.

If enabled, you will be notified when rain or snow starts or ends in the next hour.

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