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Vulnerable, weak or self-confident: which of them does not like school

Adults have their own vision of why a child may not like school. Achievement, relationships, teachers, adolescence and so on. Our student blogger talks about other reasons.

Modern schools are equipped with the latest equipment, each educational institution has a canteen or buffet, an equipped sports hall, a recreation area, a game room, qualified teachers and many other things that create conditions for the so-called comfortable learning. But these conditions do not affect the desire for knowledge and the joyful desire to wake up in the morning to go to school. These conditions also do not affect the writing of written works, since the ability to think creatively is necessary here. For this, it is important to use the online editing services Editius and the conditions for writing papers will be provided. This is a very good way to create high-quality conditions for the education of the child.

Undoubtedly, the quality of education, the arrangement of schools play an important role, but we must not forget that if you give a primitive person in need of food a phone with an application for buying food in an online store, he will not even be able to turn it on and will remain hungry. This is what happens at school. The qualifications of teachers, a new computer class, or sweets in the buffet will not provoke a student to go to school with a smile at all thirty-two. In order for the wheel to roll, you need to apply force and push.Therefore, you need to find out what the student needs in order for going to school to become his favorite pastime? From grades 1 to 6, students usually cannot explain why they don't like going to school. In most cases, this dislike is a consequence of the restriction in walking, communicating with friends due to homework and a small amount of free time. In this case, it is best to help children with homework. To know how you can use and it will help children understand how to do their homework. This will apply to writing written papers.

From 7th to 9th grade, a large amount of home material is oppressive. During this period, schoolchildren stop doing absolutely or partially homework, the rule “the older, the less” works. Since the children have already learned how to do homework, essay proofreading service - helped in this, which helped save time on learning. Thus, the older the student becomes, the faster he completes his homework.

By the 10-11th grade, schoolchildren have nothing left to do but to accept and just calm down. This is the time when most of the time you study for exams and cover all your problems with this. I didn't do my homework - I returned late from the tutor. I did not prepare an essay - I was preparing for the exam. There is a theory that in order to be happy and not get tired of work, you need to completely forget about all work problems and do what you want. This is absolutely true, but this is not the case with school.Because a typical day of a schoolchild includes going to school itself, then any circles or tutors, there is very little time left for homework. Usually in high school, especially diligent students fall asleep immediately after doing homework at one or two in the morning. What does it say? The fact that school already takes up most of the day, so even at home the child has to think only about school, doing homework. Undoubtedly, the abolition of homework would make most of the children happy, but how then to reinforce the material? Everything beautiful has a terrible side. Even the most beautiful drawing will float and turn into a set of cloudy stripes if it rains.

There are also several groups of schoolchildren who do not like school. Weak children. Children who cannot stand up for themselves and are forced to go to school, like hard labor. Oversized kids. They consider themselves superior to others and express this through omissions, acts of manifestation of their character, the desire to show their "coolness". Vulnerable children. They are afraid to go to the board, they are embarrassed to answer a large audience. Frightened children. Children who are “obliged” to study well so that they are not scolded for bad grades. There are many more reasons why you can not like school, but the main one is time. After all, no one wants to spend it on something that he is not interested in.

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