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"With a background in sustainable farming and dairy operations, co-owner Barry Bettinger, along with his wife Shahnaz, have the ideal credentials to run an eco-friendly ice cream powerhouse."


"Once the visitors see the passion of the company’s 12 employees and the integrity in manufacturing a super-premium organic ice cream (19% butterfat and 15% overrun), they “get it.”


"This cup of honey lavender ice cream I’m eating is more than a sweet treat—it’s the result of years of thought and planning, community consultation and collaboration."


"Some competitors pump over 50% air into their ice cream, but with each bite of Snoqualmie Ice Cream’s frozen dessert, you eat only 8% air. The thick, richness makes it a creamy, dreamy delight."


"Simple ingredients are transformed into a silky treat at this seasonal scoop shop, where the frozen custard is made from farm-fresh milk and cream, eggs and berries all sourced from the Pacific Northwest."


"Snoqualmie Ice Cream hopes to make more connections in the local business and farming communities and research new beneficial partnerships and projects." 

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"You can find pints of Snoqualmie Ice Cream at your local grocery store, but consider taking a road trip to the source where “Operation Ice Cream Relief” is in effect. Just pull up to their drive up window and score some pints with custom flavors."

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"This is a family-owned company that makes both super-premium organic and all-natural craft ice cream in Snohomish. Their organic ice creams are French-style frozen custards with extra cream, lots of eggs, and very little air, creating the richest and most velvety treats."

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