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Dairy Foods

Snoqualmie Organic Ice Cream was voted #7 on Dairy Foods' Best New Dairy Products of 2017!


425 Magazine

"A boozy twist on your childhood favorites."  Featuring Snoqualmie Ice Cream



"Gracing stores all across the Northwest, Snoqualmie Ice Cream is a creamy breed of ice cream that gives mega brands like Ben & Jerry's and Häagen-Dazs a run for their money."



"Throw on your “no one’s gonna see me” hoodie and enjoy this Pumpkin Custard ice cream from Seattle-based Snoqualmie Ice Cream, which literally tastes like the best slice of pumpkin pie you’ve ever had in your life. Who needs cider?"


The seattle times

"Snoqualmie Ice Cream is an ice cream company you don't want to miss out on!  Each flavor is uniquely made and will make your taste buds sing."



"Almond cake lovers will dig this flavor from growing Washington-based ice cream maker Snoqualmie. The poppy seed-almond-vanilla, reminiscent of a muffin.."


the huffington post

"The ice cream lingers in your mouth, forcing you to spend time with it. Throw in the poppy seeds and you’ve got a crazy exciting dessert — that is obviously also appropriate for breakfast."


Dairy Foods

"...The healthy ice cream brands are taking over the category. “But we’re fine with it because our ice creams have 14-19% butterfat and we’re happy to be the antithesis to this trend.”"


seattle magazine

"Perhaps you're in the mood for a long holiday weekend of sugar and Netflix. In that case, hit the grocery store and bring home a pint of Snoqualmie Ice Cream."


usa today

"It was named Best Milkshake of 2012 by Seattle Weekly News, and with the diner's use of local Snoqualmie Ice Cream, homemade chocolate ganache, and only the best ingredients, there's no question why shakes like Boston Crème Donut took home the prize."


herald net

"This is quality stuff, rivaling the national premium brands & using, as often as possible, locally sourced dairy products & fruits."

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"Consumers also are clamoring for clean labels that go beyond natural. [...] They want options that are GMO-free, organic and more."