This flavorโ€™s consistency was slightly sticky, like almond paste, and trust us, thatโ€™s a good thing. The ice cream lingers in your mouth, forcing you to spend time with it. Throw in the poppy seeds and youโ€™ve got a crazy exciting dessert โ€” that is obviously also appropriate for breakfast.
— Huffington Post
This is quality stuff, rivaling the national premium brands and using, as often as possible, locally sourced dairy products and fruits.
— Herald Net
Gracing stores all across the Northwest, Snoqualmie Ice Cream is a creamy breed of ice cream that gives mega brands like Ben & Jerryโ€™s and Hรคagen-Dazs a run for their money.
— Thrillist
Throw on your no oneโ€™s gonna see me hoodie and enjoy this Pumpkin Custard ice cream from Seattle-based Snoqualmie Ice Cream, which literally tastes like the best slice of pumpkin pie youโ€™ve ever had in your life.
— Parade