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"Freezer On Us" Program

Get a new freezer on us when you stock Snoqualmie Ice Cream products!

SIC freezer pic.jpg

Freezer selection is subject to availability. The freezer pictured above may not be the freezer you receive. 

Limited Freezer Space? No problem.

Our new "Freezer On Us" Program is designed to give businesses like yours more capacity to carry only the best, most premium ice cream.

  • High quality freezer

  • Choice of freezer (if available)

  • 1 year warranty

  • Low minimum requirements


To qualify for a free ice cream freezer rebate, customer must purchase 100 cases of pints (or an equivalent dollar amount of other Snoqualmie Ice Cream products). Qualified purchases can be a combination of any of our products including pints, single-serves, ice cream bars, tubs, mix, etc.

Please email us or call (360) 668-8535 for details.


Please make sure to provide the correct name of the company. We will disburse the rebate to the company and address listed on the account within 30 days of rebate submission.

Thank you for your partnership. Your rebate submission has been received.

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