• What is guar gum and locust bean gum?
    We currently use less that 0.4% of a blend of Locust Bean Gum and Guar Gum. These are non-GMO, naturally occurring plant substances that work to prevent ice crystallization while also helping to extend shelf life. By heating the milk at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time in our vat pasteurization process, we use significantly less stabilizers necessary compared to high temperature/short time pasteurization. We do not use any binders in our products and add naturally based stabilizers only in the amount necessary to ensure the smoothest, most delicious product possible.

  • Do you use dyes or other additives in your ice cream?
    We are committed to using all-natural ingredients in our ice cream. Our pints are free of preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. In food service, we make some custom flavors with minimal food coloring, per customer request.

  • Do you use corn syrup?
    We never use High Fructose Corn Syrup. We may use regular corn syrup for certain recipes such as sorbets and for special customer requests. We are in the process of sourcing a non-GMO verified corn syrup.

  • Do you use nuts, eggs, soy or gluten?
    We do not use any peanuts in our ice cream pints. Some of our ingredients from other manufacturers may be made on shared equipment that processes nuts and this is noted on the ingredient label.

    Our Island Coconut ice cream is made with coconut. Because of this, our products are made on shared equipment that processes coconut.

    Our factory has a strict allergen program to prevent cross-contamination. All equipment is washed and sanitized between batches to prevent allergen contamination. All pints are made on shared equipment, so please review the ingredient label before consumption. If you have any major food allergies, Snoqualmie Ice Cream may not be suitable for consumption.

    Almost everything we make contains eggs, because we have replaced soy lecithin and carrageenan as stabilizers with eggs. Our sorbets do not contain eggs, but are manufactured on shared equipment, which is washed and sanitized between batches.

    22 of our packaged pints are wheat and gluten-free. We are in the process of sourcing the best gluten-free certification. Several of our ingredients do contain wheat and gluten, such as cookies, cookie dough or brownies and are manufactured on shared equipment with flavors that are gluten-free. All of our equipment is washed and sanitized between batches.

    Our chocolate is sourced from Barry Callebaut. The chocolate that we use in our ice cream contains soy lecithin, but we have confirmed that this soy lecithin is GMO free.

    Our non-dairy sorbets are suitable for those with lactose, egg, and dairy allergies. It is manufactured on shared equipment with the rest of our ice cream, so please consume at your own risk.

    For a full list of ingredients, please check our flavor page to ensure the product you are interested in is safe for your consumption.

  • What is butterfat?

    Butterfat is the natural fat contained in milk and dairy products. The more cream we add, the higher the butterfat. Our ice cream is 19% butterfat, which is the highest found in the market (to the best of our knowledge). Extra butterfat makes the ice cream extra rich and creamy.

  • What is overrun?

    Overrun in ice cream refers to the amount of air being pushed into the ice cream while it’s being made. For example, our ice cream has 15% overrun, which means that it contains 7.5% air. Some ice cream and frozen desserts contain up to 100% overrun, or 50% air. We prefer our pints to be a “true” 16oz pint.

  • Where do you get your milk and cream? Does it contain added growth hormones?
    Our milk does not contain added growth hormones. We source our rBST-free milk and cream from Smith Brother’s Farms in Kent, Washington.

  • Where do you get your eggs? Do they contain hormones, stimulants or steroids?
    Our eggs come from Cherry Lane Farms in Stanwood, Washington. Our eggs do not contain hormones, stimulants or steroids.

  • Where do you get your berries?
    We source our fruit locally whenever possible. Our berries are from Washington and Oregon. Our cherries are from Salem, Oregon.

  • Is Snoqualmie Ice Cream organic?
    Yes! We have seven 100% USDA certified organic flavors.

  • What efforts does your company make towards sustainability and the environment?

    We are very passionate about making the most perfect ice cream, custard and gelato possible, but we are equally as passionate about our environment and being good stewards of our community. We designed our plant and tasting room as a model of sustainable, low impact design. With the help of the Snohomish County Sustainable Task Force, Innovative Landscape Technologies, and the Snohomish County PUD, we have implemented a number of design features that have the community and environment in mind. This includes rain gardens, bio-swales, solar panels, pervious concrete, waste heat recovery (to heat our water and offices), recycling and/or reusing whenever possible, energy efficient equipment and more.

  • Do you have coupons?
    Yes! Coupons are available through our website, e-newsletter and social media.

  • Where can I buy Snoqualmie Ice Cream?
    Please visit our store locator to find the closest retailer.

  • Are you privately owned?
    Yes! Barry and Shahnaz Bettinger have privately owned Snoqualmie Ice Cream since 1997.