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Locally and indepently owned. Sustainability

Opportunity to save on manufacturing costs, increase production, or expand your geographic foot print without signigicant capital investment.

Big company capabilities with small company care and service.

R&D Services Developing formulas & recipes.
Innovative packaging services.


Our capabilities

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Using only the best, non-GMO ingredients, our pints are sustainably produced and come in over two dozen all natural & organic flavors.

Soft Serve 

While having less butterfat than traditional mix, our soft serve yields many gallons of creamy delicious ice cream.

Single Serves

Convenient, perfectly portioned, and ready to serve. Our brand-new single serves are proof that great things come in small packages.


A popular Italian frozen treat with smooth texture and rich flavors.


Our tubs are found in many scoop shops & restaurants with customizable flavors & flexibility to meet your business’ needs.


An refreshing alternative to ice cream that contains no dairy but packed with fruity flavors.

How can we help you?

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New Brand 

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Increase Capacity

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New! Introducing Ice Cream Bars.

We’re one of the few ice cream makers that can produce both ice cream bars and pints. Get the best of both worlds!

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Use the form to describe your co-packing needs. Please include volume, lead time, packaging, current stage and future plans of business, any special requirements, and any other information that will help us understand your business and meet your expectations.

For immediate assistance, contact:


Barry Bettinger

Owner / CEO



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