Let's Talk About Butterfat...

Butterfat is life, and at 19% we pride ourselves in having the highest in the country.

We know what you’re probably thinking:    
- Butter and fat in one word? This must be so bad for you.
- What is butterfat? 
- Why would they be proud of that?

Before your health conscience tells you to flip a 180 & book it, we ask that you give us a chance to explain why you shouldn’t be afraid of butterfat, and why it’s something you should actually look for when trying to find high-quality ice creams that are worthy of your time and tastebuds.

Butterfat is the natural fat that is contained in milk and dairy products and plays a huge role in the whole make up of ice cream. Without it you’d get all the ice and no cream. The lower the butterfat content, the icier the texture gets. The higher the butterfat, the higher the quality of the ice cream in terms of taste, consistency, and finish. You know that smooth, ever-so-creamy feel that lingers in your mouth after a good bite of ice cream? … you can thank butterfat for that. 

Butterfat is really important - so important that there are actually rules regulated by the FDA that require a product has to contain at least 10% butterfat in order to be considered ice cream. Premium ice creams run around 12-14% butterfat and super-premium ice creams are right around 14-16%. 

We proudly make ours at 19% butterfat, locally sourcing only the highest quality milk & cream from Smith Brother’s Farm, that makes our ice cream and our ice cream bases the closest to being homemade as you can get commercially. One of our biggest customers of our ice cream base is Seattle’s very own, Molly Moon’s, whose values are unwavering when it comes to making the best product by sourcing the best ingredients that are only best for our local economy and environment. Molly’s dedication to creating the most outstanding ice cream stems from the mutual respect and appreciation for butterfat, which is why she uses our 19%. She's committed to making the highest quality ice cream on the market and we're so grateful she found us.  

You see, embracing butterfat is a GOOD thing - especially if you want GOOD ice cream. Is it good for you? Maybe not on a caloric level; but we all know we don’t eat ice cream to be healthy, we indulge because we deserve to treat ourselves every once and a while. Butterfat = life. So live a little.