We're Making Our Way to Colorado!

The first super-premium Organic ice cream has made its way into select Natural Grocers locations in Colorado! 

NG Organics 1.jpg

We use only the best milk and cream from grass-fed cows, local to Washington.  We have seven, savory Organic flavors:

  • Chocolate - Smooth Belgian chocolate ice cream
  • Cookies n' Cream - Sweet cream ice cream with a hint of vanilla and crushed chocolate cookies
  • Lavender - Sweet cream ice cream infused with lavender buds
  • Mint Chip - Peppermint ice cream with tiny Belgian dark chocolate chips
  • Mixed Berry - Sweet honey vanilla ice cream with northwest berries
  • Salty Caramel - Sweet and salty caramel ice cream with a salty caramel ribbon
  • Vanilla - Madagascar vanilla ice cream

Once you've decided what flavor you want to try (and yes, you will want to try them all), visit our Store Locator and head to the nearest Natural Grocers location and enjoy a pint today!

NG Organics 2.jpg