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Snoqualmie Organic just hit shelves at Haggen... and we are ECSTATIC.

Kelsey Carey

Our hearts are teeming with excitement as we announce that our new line, Snoqualmie Organic is now available to purchase at all local Haggen stores!

In light of our deep-rooted history with Haggen, we chose to debut Snoqualmie Organic before the official launch in March. Haggen was the first retailer to give our pints a full freezer door with EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of our classic flavors. Now they are the first retailer to carry all 7 flavors of our organic line which is the first super-premium organic ice cream on the market.

In 2001, Haggen became the first larger grocery chain to carry Snoqualmie Ice Cream pints. Haggen's dedicated belief in our product was the catalyst to our company's growth. By the end of our first year, we sold over 150,000 pints of ice cream - compare that to the humble 2000 pints we sold for the entire YEAR in 1997. 

We are proud of our 16-year relationship with Haggen, because it is built on the grounds of integrity and trust. Their unwavering belief in us and support through good times and bad speaks volumes of their character and corporate culture - something that is admired and perpetuated through our own values. Special thanks to our past and present Haggen buyers, Ron Johnson and Joel Todd. You guys rock.

With that being said, grab a pint of Snoqualmie Organic at your local Haggen and eat your heart out :) 

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